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Understanding The Face Of Christianity - 1746 Words

Secular Humaism states that matter is perpetual, that there is no God, that man and his atmosphere are the results of evolutionary forces. For humanists, all meaning and purpose in human existence is provided on a human scale. Humanists have faith that we can provide all the meaning we need ourselves, from our concerns, out of our own ideas and philosophies. This paper will reinforce how in the face of Christianity these meanings and purposes dissolve into absolute and utter insignificance. Christainity, on the other hand gives a more solid and substanitial foundation in that it teaches the exact opposite of these things. That God is everlasting, man does have an immortal soul, that there is a heaven, hell and a guaranteed and prearranged redemption that lie in wait for him. When it comes to ultimate reality, the secular humanists have self-confidence in evolution, that man, his body, his mind and his soul were not supernaturally designed but are all products of evolution. The biological astetic is central and core to man’s development, orgin and exsistance. This was an spontaneous effect of an impersonal being and structure in which their was no supreme being or diety involved in the creation. However Christians accept as true one Deity whos act of love, created the universe and all things therein. Since it was fashioned in love, everything in creation is virtuous and special to God. Christians accentuate God s paternal affection in specific, schooling that God formedShow MoreRelatedHow Is Christianity Living and Dynamic and How Does It Answer the Enduring Questions of Life?1271 Words   |  6 PagesChristianity is a faith based religious tradition, of which the follower is considered to be a Christian adherent. Thus, being a living tradition, Christianity is continually subject to change in accordance to the needs of the adherent and reaffirming the Christian tradition within a contemporary context. The aspects, which attribute the present existence of Christianity and its dynamism therein, include sacred texts and writings, ritual and ceremonies, beliefs and believers, and ethics. UltimatelyRead MoreChristianity Is A Religion Based On The Person And God1479 Words   |à ‚  6 Pagespeople in the World who follow and support the Catholic Church. Christianity is a religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. Ever since Christianity started to emerge in the mid-first century it has only increased in size and became even more powerful now than in the origins of the Religion. Jesus Christ is considered to be the Son of God and through the Bible’s scriptures that include many sacred writings of Christianity it has given people hope and more importantly something toRead MoreThe Sacred Texts And Writings1423 Words   |  6 Pagesdeliberated as supportive indication of understanding the principle beliefs of Christianity which include the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the nature of god and the nature of trinity, revelation and salvation. This essay aim’s at assessing the significant role of the sacred text in providing authentic information in regards to sacred texts. The role of the sacred text is of major significant in understanding Christian principal beliefs and this isRead MoreStudy Of The Christianity Culture I Have Conducted A Participant Observation Research Essay798 Words   |  4 PagesObservation #1 Date mp; Time:October 9, 2016 at10:00 location: Rutland Road Nostrand. Study of the Christianity culture I have conducted a participant observation research in an christain church. As I gathered myself in church Sunday morning, I was anxious to participate in a religious ritualRead MoreThe Conversion Of Religion And Culture889 Words   |  4 PagesThe Jesuits finally reached their goal of religious autonomy in the 1670s. After the Indians had witnessed France’s military capabilities, Jean Pierron used the prospect of diminishing French trust to instigate the Iroquois-Mohawks to adopt Christianity. Pierron began by citing the fact that Christian beliefs were vastly different from animism. He went on to threaten them by stating that, â€Å"we (the French) shall never believe that you wish to live on good terms with us until you serve the same MasterRead MoreThe Lost but Found Sheep1464 Words   |  6 PagesChristianity. This word brings a lot of mixed thoughts in one’s head especially for those people who do not understand the concept of this religion, such as the people of Rome in early times. â€Å" †¦ And by a distinction between the sea sons which is due to God’s arrangement, set aside some for festivals, others for times of sorrow- merely to suit their own inclinations! Who can consider this a proof of religion, and not, rather, of lack of understanding?† (The Epistle to Diognetus) Christianity was seenRead MoreLetters from a Skeptic1660 Words   |  7 PagesChristiane Desir Letters From A Skeptic How do you convert a skeptic? This is the central issue Dr. Gregory Boyd faces when he invites his father to partake in several correspondences about Christianity. Dr. Gregory Boyd is a theology professor at Bethel College. He currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife and three children. He completed his Bachelors from the University of Minnesota, attended Yale Divinity School, and completed his Ph.D. from Princeton Theological Seminary. BesidesRead MoreSpiritual Perspectives On Health And Health993 Words   |  4 Pagesunderstand the patient’s view of health in order to comprehend the needs for healing. Health. The definition of health does not always mean free from disease or illness as explained Shelly and Miller (2006) through the concept of shalom. In the Christianity philosophy of health or shalom, is found when a person is at peace as they live in a relationship with God, with the people around them, with the environment as well as themselves. A similar belief seen in the Islamic faith is mentioned by LoveringRead More4-Mat Review System: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity1397 Words   |  6 Pages4-MAT Review System: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Keyanna Hawkins Liberty University A 4-MAT Review System: Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Summary In the book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity, David N. Entwistle explores the relationship between theology and psychology. Throughout time, intellectuals have supported or dismissed the idea of integrating both perspectives. In his book, Entwistle states that during theRead MoreThe Question of God: C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud Debate God, Love, Sex and the Meaning of Life783 Words   |  4 Pagesother’s worldview. Nicholi points out that Lewis may have had an advantage in the understanding of the unbeliever’s worldview due to the fact that until the age of 30, he claimed to be â€Å"even more certain of his atheism than was Freud† (2002, Pg. 81). In his adult life, Freud had no dramatic change of worldview from believer to unbeliever like Lewis had. This fact may give Lewis a slight upper hand in the understanding of the unbeliever’s worldview; however, Freud was still one of the greatest minds

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What Are Fashion Trends In Fashion - 1011 Words

Fall Trends in Groomsmen Attire We prefer to think of ourselves as professionals on destination wedding tendencies, including destination wedding fashion. Together with the fall season, right nearby, we cant wait for another second to declare our fall wedding fashion tendencies for this season. Fall styles for destination wedding ceremonies will be very different than regular weddings, due to the fact its still hot and sunny. For couples whove their heart set on a beach wedding when the leaves are dropping at home, weve found some styles that will help you to have both your wedding cake and eat it too! Fall colors with a beach twist... you will want to? As seasons transition, bold colors are emerging from the pastel pallet of the†¦show more content†¦To keep it beach fashionable, lose the tie and cuff your jacket sleeves. Fall in the Caribbean continues to be sunny with a cinch light enough to make putting on a jacket outside comfortable. We think this look is very garden wedding friendly. Slimmer fit suits are in and are here to stay. Thank goodness! Honestly, in the right size, most men can wear a slimmer (not skinny) cut suit. Flat front pants are the only way to go. The traditional classic style cut is not classy and could tarnish the memories of your special day. Who wants to be in something boxy or baggy? Your photographer will thank you and you’ll both love the way your guys look in a suit or tuxedo that is more fitted than not. All stripes are manufactured equally inside our catalogs, so feel absolve to combine and match your plaid and ginghams and off arranged with a well-shaded vest to keep it beach casual. If little or nothing else, your wedding photographs would be the chicest in every the land! If you are a daring groom, get one of these full skinny striped or gingham suits with a good color shirt. Grooms are taking an increased interest in their style and, like the bride, want to stand out. Their attention to every detail from their ties to their socks and shoe ups the ante of retailers worldwide to ensure they have the selection of product they demand. At The Groomsman Suit, we love helping couples and their guys suit up in a way that reflects their personal style while being inclusive of all budgets.Show MoreRelatedWhat Influences The Fashion Trends?1564 Words   |  7 PagesTopic: What influences the Fashion Trends? Background/History: Every Generation generates their own style, something that distinguishes them from past generations. Just like people individually, we are all unique in our own way and have characteristics and traits that set us apart from another individual. No one wants to be someone else or no one wants to look like another which is why we initiate our own style that fits us as a whole. This is what happens in fashion. As new generations are broughtRead More What Influences the Fashion Trends? Essay1854 Words   |  8 PagesWhat Influences the Fashion Trends? Introduction Every generation has their own style; something that sets them apart from the previous generations. So why does our generation choose to wear the clothing that they do? Of course we dont want to dress like our parents, but there are other factors involved in developing the style of a generation. Marketing, advertising, and the media all try to influence the way our generation dresses. Their reasons are mainly profit based. We also make ourRead MoreThe Changing Fashion Trends Of Fashion905 Words   |  4 Pageschanging fashion trends The fashion industry is in a constant state of flux. What is in vogue today can easily become stale tomorrow. From the moment that one collection is launched, the fashion designers start thinking about the next line. The major fashion weeks like Paris fashion week or Milan fashion week determines the fashion trends of a particular season. Once the fashion weeks come to an end, stores all over the world start launching collections that are inspired by them. What is trendyRead MoreFashion And The World Of Fashion1087 Words   |  5 Pages The world of fashion is always changing and new trends are always emerging. The ways by which trends and fashion news are communicated to the public has evolved as technology advances. Before television and the internet, it was difficult for designers, photographers, and fashion brands alike to spread word about the latest in fashion to a large mass of people. With the help of modern technology, fashion has made its mark in the world by appearing on television networks, online blogs, social mediaRead Morepositives and negative effects of the fashion1420 Words   |  6 Pagesof fashion We can argue whether or not the fashion industry has more of a positive or negative effect on people of today, regardless we can agree that the fashion industry has grown to become very popular and influential. It seems as if everyone is trying to pursue a career in this field. Here are 10 positives of the fashion industry.   1. New designs- designers are able to create new designs for those people who have a love for fashion. It is an enjoyment they feel when seeing a new trend getRead MoreThe Importance of Fashion in the Modern World897 Words   |  4 PagesFashion is something that keeps on changing and because of its change, fashion effects our lives nearly in every aspect like language, furniture, homes, cars, clothes, food and many other things. There are trendsetters and trend followers with different degrees of adaption but here trend is a broader term pertaining to style design, deriving from cultures, social, or many other factors of which fashion is a manifestation. Fashion has become one of the most important aspect of life in today’s lifeRead MoreFashion Trends And Trends Of Fashion1017 Words   |  5 PagesFashion, a popular trend in clothes. Also, something people use to express themselves and let their creativeness come through. Every decade has a trend that people think of as so on as they think of that period in time. Trends always come back. That is why they say to never get rid of the clothes, accessories or even shoes you have now because eventually it will come back in style. Almost forty decades later fashion trends from the 80’s and many other decades are making a comeback. The 80’s decadeRead MoreHigh Fashion And Streetwear Styles Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesEnrollment English 20 October 2016 High Fashion and Streetwear In modern society there exists an enormous spectrum of fashion, each individual person’s fashion style is heavily influenced by their environment, interests, and many other factors. Among the vast variety of styles present in today’s fashion culture, streetwear and high fashion are two of the most distinctive and prominent styles, having a huge influence on how the general population dresses. High fashion and streetwear are two styles thatRead MoreZara Is A Modern Day Fashion Business Model960 Words   |  4 Pagesmodern day fashion business that takes an unconventional approach in their business model. Zara is one of the largest international fashion companies which belongs to the distribution group called inditex. They sell well made relatively cheap pieces of clothing that is always cut according to the latest fashion designed. Their customers are the heart of their designs, productions, distribution and sales. Just like all fashion companies, their primary goal is to be the number one fashion retailer.Read MoreWhat Makes A Look Fashionable1484 Words   |  6 Pagesconsumers play a major role in selecting styles, it’s fashion experts that are what truly makes a look fashionable in the first place (Farennikova and Prinz 98). This brings us to our next fashion condition which is that â€Å"individuals regarded as experts, though not necessarily fashion professionals, must endorse the look† (Farennikova and Prinz 104). This simply refers to how an expert, using their specific taste, will pinpoint and predict a certain trend that is then regarded in the media as fashionable

Strategic Alignment of Transport Collaboration †MyAssignmenthelp

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Alignment of Transport Collaboration. Answer: Introduction: BP Australia operates its business within Oil and Gas Services Industry and is involved in manufacturing and distributing petroleum services and products. The firm was established n 1919 and is situated in Melbourne Australia that operates as a subsidiary of BP Plc. The company is involved in upstream exploration, crude oil and natural gas refining, downstream marketing supply of necessary fuel, lubricant and bitumen products (Al-Dajani et al. 2014). The company offers services and products to its consumers all over Australia. The company is involved in exploration and manufacturing of oil, natural gas, liquefied natural gas along with transportation, refining and marketing of lubricant or petroleum products. BP Australia transports refined as well as unrefined products to and from terminals and refineries along with the consumers employing gas carriers, ships, pipelines, trains and trucks. The company offers its goods to retail and commercial consumers from several industries includ ing aviation, racing and retail service stations in (Australia 2018). Oil and gas services industry in Australia is robust that has resulted in substantial growth over the past twenty years. In the industry the local organizations great considered to develop its deep and remote resources in order to attain expertise in exploration and drilling technologies, engineering and design along with operations and maintenance. The oil and gas industry of Australia has a global reputation in order to deal with challenges associated with remote location of its resources along with social and environmental challenges. Education and training ability of Australia is also vita to global competitiveness of its oil and gas industry (Browne et al. 2016). Since the 1965 drilling of first offshore well and with the modern coal seam gas boom, the industry has generated and sustained internationally respected, innovative services and technology. This is built around the huge number of oil and gas projects. Competitive Strength Analysis of BP Australiaand its Rival companies - Caltex and Shell Competitive strength of BP Australia along with its rival companies such as Caltex and Shell is evaluated. BP Australia has competitive strength is in its exceptionally developed business model. To maintain its competitive and sustainable position, the company has maintained diversified portfolio all across business, geographies as well as resource types (Busch and McCormick 2014). Developing the upstream and downstream businesses and properly established trading capabilities can support in mitigating the impact of lower commodity pricing cycles. The company has competitive advantage of maintaining balanced portfolio with advantaged oil and gas along with dynamic investment strategy offers with resilience. On the other hand, competitive strengths attained by Caltex include an efficient supply and marketing infrastructure that had facilitated the company in attaining a competitive edge. Moreover, a fast successful growth in the marketing business has also resulted in its profitability increase. Board service and product portfolio including diesel, biofuel blends, precision spray oils and marine fuels facilities in decreasing risks associated with one field and attain revenue from a number of diverse sources (Caltex 2018). The company also has competitive strengths in having efficient refining output results supported by stronger refinery margins, plant reliability advantages along with having decreased depreciation charge. This has also resulted in the companys financial success. Competitive strengths of Shell Company include strong market position, strong exploring capability, vertical integration along with strong research and development. The company has always attempted to improve its technologies for carbon footprint decrease along with developing methods to explore more fuels in decreased effort. It is also gathered that the company is associated with exploration and production (Chan, Cameron and Yoon 2017). Moreover, in downstream market it is associated with marketing the refined products. The vertical integration offers high competitive advantages in aspects of cost benefits and quality control. Key Success Factors for the Industry Key success factors that are present in the oil and gas industry in Australia include product features, reputation and goodwill, financial strength, technological services and distribution network. The product features of diversification are deemed to be important in decreasing business risks encompassing anticipation of oil price fluctuation. Spread out location of the oil and gas reserve might facilitate in decreasing business interruption risk (Chang, Hsieh and Chen 2016). Another key success factor that is important in the oil and gas industry is the financial strength. This evaluation encompasses an analysis of management policy, strategy and philosophy towards the financial risk. This also encompasses analysis of financial targets of the management, hedging and certain other policies in an effort to decrease overall risks of a petroleum company. Management of the liabilities of the petroleum companies are also reviewed in a better manner (Chuang and Yang 2014). Reputation and goodwill is another key success factor as the petroleum industry for long time has been an industry where discretionary decisions such as concessions or license awards have been vital. Reputation is also deemed as a vital factor in measuring success of the petroleum industry. Technological services acts as one of the key success indicator in the petroleum industry as for attaining competitive advantages within the industry. The industry measures success of the companies operating within it through analyzing how well they are maintaining technologically advanced supply industry. Distribution network serves as another key success indicator in the petroleum industry. This is for the reason that competitive advantages can be attained from several activates performed by the petroleum companies operating within the industry through generating and delivering value (Fryer, Antony and Douglas 2015). Value chain maintenance is one of the major key success indicator this makes the way in which the petroleum companies maintain relationship between the shop and the consumers. Competitiveness of BP Australiaagainst its Rivals The effectiveness of the key success factors for BP Australia Company along with its ratings are provided on a rating scale of 1 to 10. The rating that is provided with be summed up for each company in order to realize the ways in which all the key success factors are attained by these companies in attaining a competitive advantage (Guo, Liu and Liu 2016). Key Success Factors BP Australia Company Caltex Company Shell Company Product features 10 9 7 Reputation and goodwill 7 5 10 Financial strength 10 8 5 Technological services 7 5 8 Distribution network 6 8 9 Total 40 35 39 From the evaluation of the key success factors of these companies it has been gathered that BP Australia has efficient product features that serves as its major success factor within Australian oil and gas industry. The products features of this company is deemed to attain competitive advantage over Shell and Caltex Company for there are efficient forms of gas to liquids fuel along with other products. Shell Company has better success factor in goodwill and reputation. BP Australia is in the second position compared to its competitors as its competitors have adopted better environment reforms as an aspect of their reputation management strategies. Financial strength of BP Australia is better than its competitors that serve as one of its major success factors. This is for the reason that the company has maintained better liquidity along with effective capital resources. Technological services offered by BP Australia are situated in the second position in comparison to its competitors. This is for the reason that the company offers a wide range of technical services and expertise that focuses on enhancing health, safety along with companys performance in the industry. Distribution network of BP Australia is not much better than its business rivals. This is for the reason that it operates within downstream fuels it has diverse fuel sources, domestic refineries along with its fuel distributors. Strategy Selection Based on Competitive Position in the Market In order to attain competitive advantage over Shell and Caltex Company, BP Australia is recommended to implement certain defensive strategy based on the effectiveness of its key success factors. In following this strategy, the company will try to develop a balanced portfolio with having competitive downstream along with low carbon future maintenance (Irjayanti and Azis 2015). Another effective defensive strategy that can be implemented by the company is hybrid strategy that indicates the company must operate its business in a low cost based environment. The company must also focus on reinvesting in low price along with differentiation in business operation. In order to sustain its competitive position as one of the most established petroleum organization, it must employ hybrid strategy (Kayikci, Bartolacci and LeBlanc 2018). It must also consider following this strategy in the long term for the reason that it can facilitate the company in attaining differentiation along with a price which is lower in comparison to the competitors of BP Australia. Over the years, the company must also consider undergoing major rebuilds of CDU in order to process heavy crude along with its efficient manufacture. Technological success factor can be improved by the company through maintaining effective new world scale sculpture removal along with gas oil hydro treating units. The focus of this strategy is relied on profit growth along with application of alternative energy. This defensive strategy if implemented by BP Australia can facilitate in developing leading technologies along with effective consumer relationships (Lee, Kim and Hong 2017). Resources and capabilities of the company must also change gradually that can result in increased investments and profits with increased oil prices. Peer Evaluation Form Name of each group member is motioned within the peer evaluation form. For each group member the extent to which they agree with the statement mentioned within the peer evaluation form is measured using scale of 1-4 (1=strongly disagree; 2=disagree; 3=agree; 4=strongly agree). Total of these numbers are also calculated in each column. Evaluation Criteria Group member: Group member: Group member: Group member: Attended every group meetings regularly and arrives within time. 4 3 2 4 Contributes meaningfully within the group discussions. 3 4 4 4 Attaining group assignments within time. 3 2 4 4 Accomplishing work within a quality manner. 4 4 3 3 Indicates a cooperative and supportive attitude. 2 4 3 3 Contributes considerably to the project success. 3 3 4 3 Totals 19 20 20 21 Feedback on team dynamics: The group was deemed to be efficient in attaining the objectives of the report. This group work facilitated them to get involved in developing the process of evaluation. This might encompass maintaining their establishment on attaining advanced and deep understanding of the subject contents, processes and skills. This can also encompass evaluating individual assessment criteria by methods of consultation with teaching staff (Park, Chang and Kang 2015). The major aim of the report was attained by the group that increased their advanced and deep learning of key success factors within the petroleum industry. The group work encourages increased group involvement as well as responsibility. The group attained great success in attaining the report objectives through goal setting. The behaviors of the group members were valuable and detrimental to the performance of the team in attaining project objectives. The team attained good points in the fair work sharing. There was a sense of equity and fairness within a good team member. There was also a sense of equity that has greatly vital for collective motivation of the team members. The team members efficiently identified key success factors that are present in the oil and gas industry in Australia includes product features, reputation and goodwill, financial strength, technological services and distribution network (Soetanto et al. 2015). From accomplishing this report, the group members learned regarding the key success factors that are present in the oil and gas industry in Australia. This includes product features, reputation and goodwill, financial strength, technological services and distribution network. The team has also considered enhancing future analysis of the petroleum industry performance based on few more key success factors. References Al-Dajani, H., Dedoussis, E., Watson, E. and Tzokas, N., 2014. Graduate entrepreneurship incubation environments: A framework of key success factors.Industry and Higher, 2018Education,28(3), pp.201-213., 2018. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Apr. 2018]. Browne, W., Dreitlein, S., Manzoni, J. and Mere, A., 2016. Two key success factors for global project team leadership: Communications and human resource management.Journal of Information Technology and Economic Development,7(2), p.40. Busch, H. and McCormick, K., 2014. Local power: exploring the motivations of mayors and key success factors for local municipalities to go 100% renewable energy.Energy, Sustainability and Society,4(1), p.5. Caltex., 2018.Caltex Australia | Fuels, Convenience Retail Lubricants. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Apr. 2018]. Chan, D., Cameron, M. and Yoon, Y., 2017. Key success factors for global application of micro energy grid model.Sustainable cities and society,28, pp.209-224. Chan, D., Cameron, M. and Yoon, Y., 2017. Key success factors for global application of micro energy grid model.Sustainable cities and society,28, pp.209-224. Chang, S.F., Hsieh, P.J. and Chen, H.F., 2016. Key success factors for clinical knowledge management systems: Comparing physician and hospital manager viewpoints.Technology and Health Care,24(s1), pp.S297-S306. Chuang, S.P. and Yang, C.L., 2014. Key success factors when implementing a green-manufacturing system.Production Planning Control,25(11), pp.923-937. Fryer, K.J., Antony, J. and Douglas, A., 2015. Critical Success Factors of Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector: A review of literature and some key findings. Guo, J., Liu, Z. and Liu, Y., 2016. Key success factors for the launch of government social media platform: Identifying the formation mechanism of continuance intention.Computers in Human Behavior,55, pp.750-763. Irjayanti, M. and Azis, A.M., 2015. Key Success Factors (KSF) of Small Medium. Kayikci, Y., Bartolacci, M.R. and LeBlanc, L.J., 2018. Identifying the Key Success Factors in Strategic Alignment of Transport Collaboration Using a Hybrid Delphi-AHP. InContemporary Approaches and Strategies for Applied Logistics(pp. 1-36). IGI Global. Lee, S.M., Kim, N.R. and Hong, S.G., 2017. Erratum to: Key success factors for mobile app platform activation.Service Business,11(2), pp.451-451. Park, C., Chang, B. and Kang, P., 2015. Analysis on Key Success Factors for Partner Relationship Management.Korean Management Science Review,32(4), pp.45-56. Soetanto, R., Childs, M., Poh, P.S., Austin, S., Glass, J., Adamu, Z.A., Isiadinso, C., Tolley, H. and Mackenzie, H., 2015. Key success factors and guidance for international collaborative design projects.International Journal of Architectural Research: ArchNet-IJAR,9(3), pp.6-25.

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She Stoops to Conquer Essay Example

She Stoops to Conquer Essay Along the way, there is an abundance of merry mix-ups, bawdy dialogue, much sly satire of the times and one of the great characters of the stage, Tony Lumpkin. She Stoops to Conquer is an hilarious comedy of errors; the marvellous humour and humanity of Goldsmiths play have made it one of the most read, performed and studied of all English comedies. Leading the cast is one of the countrys most accomplished comedy actresses. Lisa Goddard came to public attention in the hugely successful series, Take Three Girls. Since then she has worked on many of our best-known series including Pig In The Middle, The Brothers andBergerac. This pack contains information relating to the play and ideas for further exploration of the themes. It also contains an interview with Jonathan Munby (Director), Liza Goddard (Mrs. Hardcastle) Matthew Douglas (Marlow). We hope you find it useful. Helen Blackmore Education Associate Birmingham Repertory Theatre REP Insight produced by The Birmingham Repertory Thea tre Learning Participation Department, September 2007 The Birmingham Repertory Theatre Centenary Square Broad Street Birmingham B1 2EP (0121) 245 2000 www. birmingham-rep. co. k Learning Participation Department: (0121) 245 2092 [emailprotected] co. uk 3 SYNOPSIS OF THE PLAY Act One opens with Squire Hardcastle and his second wife Mrs. Hardcastle bickering. Mr. Hardcastle teases his wife about her age and her son, Tony Lumpkin, whom she had with her first husband. Tony is a mischievous man, with a love for drink and trickery, but not much else. Mrs. Hardcastle is quite determined that her spoiled and rather stupid son shall marry her niece, Constance Neville. If they marry she will be able to keep in the family Miss Nevilles fortune a casket of valuable jewels.Miss Neville and Tony Lumpkin, however, can only agree on one thing; their hatred of each other. Miss Neville is secretly pledged to another young man, Mr. Hastings, who is friends with Mr. Marlow, the son of Mr. Hardcastle ’s good friend Sir Charles. Hardcastle wants Marlow to marry his charming daughter Kate, but Marlow suffers from extreme anxiety when in the presence of young ladies of equal social standing and is barely able to speak. He suffers no such fear when in the presence of women of lower status, however, and successfully flirts with bar maids, servants and the like.The Hardcastle family are expecting the arrival of Marlow and his friend, Hastings. However, Hastings ; Marlow have lost their way and stop at the village inn to get their bearings. Tony Lumpkin is drinking within and hears of the men’s plight. Being the mischievous fellow that he is he seizes the opportunity, along with his friends, of misguiding Hastings ; Marlow and causing much merriment. He tells the men that they are so lost that they must spend the night at a local inn and directs them to the Hardcastle house which he highly recommends if they will excuse the eccentricities of the owner and his family.Neith er young Marlow nor Squire Hardcastle senses that both are victims of a hoax and duly make their way to the Hardcastle house, believing it to be an inn. When they arrive, they treat Hardcastle as the innkeeper while the squire (knowing who they are) is much incensed at the bold and impudent behaviour of his friends son. Young Hastings, as soon as he sees Constance, puts two and two together. Constance and Hastings agree to keep Marlow in ignorance and pretend that Constance and Kate, completely by coincidence, happen to be stopping the night at the inn.When introduced to Kate, Marlow can find little to say and stumbles through a half conversation. In his embarrassment he never once looks at her face. It is not surprising, therefore, that later in the evening when he sees her going about the house in the plain house dress her father insists on, he takes her for the bar maid. She encourages the deception in order to find out if he is really as witless as he seems. In her bar maids gui se she is pleasantly surprised to find him not dumb but, indeed, possessed of a graceful and ready wit.When she reveals herself as a well born but poor relation of the Hardcastle family he acknowledges his love for her. It is not until Marlow’s father Sir Charles arrives that the truth is revealed. Marlow, unaware of the bar maid’s true identity, claims he feels no love for Kate Hardcastle and dismisses any possibility of a union between them. Kate, however, claims that he has declared his love for her. She then sets about 4 revealing the truth by instructing her father and Sir Charles to hide in the room where she is about to meet with Marlow.Dressed in her plain clothes, Marlow (thinking her the bar maid) makes no secret of his feelings for her and all is revealed. Whilst all this is going on, Miss Neville and Hastings are plotting to elope. However, they cannot leave without Constance’s rightful fortune of jewels and they enlist the help of Tony Lumpkin to ac hieve this. Tony is only to happy to help, since the disappearance of Constance will put an end to his mothers meddling in his love life. All does not go according to plan though. Having successfully retrieved the jewels from his mother, Tony Lumpkin gives the jewels to Hastings, who sends them to Marlow for safe keeping.Marlow (not understanding the significance of the casket) then gives the jewels to a servant to stow away securely. The jewels end up back with their keeper, Mrs. Hardcastle. In the end, Hastings and Miss Neville are forced to come clean and declare their love. It isn’t until Tony Lumpkin refuses her hand that she is free to marry however, he doesn’t believe he can do this until he is come of age. Mr. Hardcastle then reveals that he is already of age, a fact that Mrs. Hardcastle has been keeping from him, and the play ends with two sets of lovers rightfully betrothed to one another.Illustration for She Stoops to Conquer Edwin Austin Abbey, 1885 5 CAST ; CHARACTERS MR. HARDCASTLE (Colin Baker) Hardcastle is an old fashioned man, who thinks his wife rather foolish for her love of the fashions and fancies of London. He is very fond of his daughter Kate and is keen for her to marry Marlow. MRS. HARDCASTLE (Liza Goddard) Mrs. Hardcastle is a somewhat ridiculous character who enjoys meddling in the affairs of others. Desperate to marry off her son to her niece, in order to keep the family jewels, she is selfish and foolish. KATE HARDCASTLE (Dorothea Myer-Bennett)Kate is a smart, charming woman, who uses her intelligence and cunning to win the heart of Marlow. 6 TONY LUMPKIN (Jonathan Broadbent) Tony Lumpkin is the rather spoilt son of Mrs. Hardcastle from her previous marriage. Fond of drinking and making mischief, Lumpkin amuses himself by causing havoc for others. CONSTANCE HARDCASTLE (Annie Hemingway) Constance is in love with Mr Hastings but her aunt, Mrs. Hardcastle wants her to marry her cousin Tony Lumpkin. In the end, Constance wins. SIR CHARLES MARLOW (GLYNN SWEET) An old friend of Mr. Hardcastle, Sir Charles is as keen as his friend for his son and Kate to be married. 7MARLOW (Matthew Douglas) Mr. Marlow is struck dumb when in the company of ladies of social standing. Kate’s clever tactics unite them as a couple in the end. HASTINGS (Matthew Burgess) Hastings is in love with Constance Neville and tries to elope with her so that they may escape the marriage plans of Constance’s aunt Mrs. Hardcastle who wants Constance to marry her son Tony. 8 OLIVER GOLDSMITH 1728/30-1774 †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ Nov 10 1728 0r 1730 – Born in Ireland (exact year and location unknown) 1747 – His father (Rector of Kilkenny West) dies. 1749 – He gains a Bachelor of Arts in Theology ; Law from Trinity College, Dublin.He later studies Medicine at University of Edinburgh and University of Leiden, before travelling around Europe living on his wits. 1755 ; 1757 â €“ He studies at University of Padua, then later moves to London and works as an apothecary’s assistant. Addicted to gambling, Goldsmith makes some money from being a ‘hack writer’ – paid to write low quality, quickly put together articles or books. Meets Samuel Johnson (Essayist) and becomes a member of ‘The Club’ (dining and conversation club founded in 1764) of which Joshua Reynolds (Artist) is also a member. 774 – Goldsmith dies from a kidney infection Most famous works – The Deserted Village (1770 Poem), The Hermit (1765 Ballad), She Stoops to Conquer (1771 Play – first performed 1773). †¢ †¢ Oliver Goldsmith 9 18TH CENTURY ENGLAND SOCIAL CLASS During the eighteenth century, the people of England were largely divided by social class. The class that a person belonged to was decided by their wealth, the upper classes were the richest whilst the lower classes were the poorest. The middle and upper classes e njoyed the finest food, liquor and fashion available while the lower classes struggled to survive.DISEASE Disease in the cities was rife due to overcrowding, poor sanitation and living conditions. Smallpox was one of the most common illnesses. During the eighteenth century it killed an estimated 60 million Europeans. A contagious disease, it was easily passed from person to person in cramped houses and streets. When a sick person from the lower class went to hospital to seek medical help, they were often met with prejudice and ignored in favour or patients with higher social standing. Prisoners in Newgate Prison William Hogarth POVERTY The lower classes (the poor people) struggled to survive.They would often go hungry and in very low times bread was all they could get their hands on to eat. In the cities the poor people lived on the streets or in small, dirty houses with many children sharing a bed. In the countryside, farmers and their families were forced to share shelters with th eir livestock. Their homes were often made of soil, dirt or pieces of wood lashed together. 10 Gin Lane William Hogarth, 1751 EMPLOYMENT The men were largely responsible for going out to work and bringing an income into the home. Amongst the poor however, women too sought employment.Generally though, women were kept busy with the housework and other jobs cooking, brewing ale, knitting, washing, teaching their young, gardening and making butter. Some women chose to set up shops in the market and sell different products. This helped the income a lot in the lower class families. In the countryside, men were employed in physical work on farms – ploughing, planting and harvesting. During the harvest, women would assist if they didn’t have any children to mind. A Georgian market 11 EDUCATION During the eighteenth century, schools were constantly opening and closing.Fees were charged to students, to cover the teacher’s wage and books etc. The likelihood of a school sta ying open was greatly increased if the school was attended by children from wealthy families. If the majority of children were from poorer families then the school’s life was likely to be in constant jeopardy. In this way, education was only readily available to those who could afford it and the poor, unable to become educated and increase their chances of a better working life, were kept at the bottom of the social classes. University was only open to men. CLOTHINGThe clothing of the time was very decorative. The women of the upper class wore nothing but the best material and the finest crafted outfits. First they put on their linen shirts. These shirts hung down below their knees. They then tied a string around their waist fastening the shirt. The corset was next. A corset was a tightly fastened body suit made of cloth and either metal or whalebone strips. This device was used to shape the body into any figure desired. The figure of the time was comparable to an hourglass. Big on the top and bottom, but skinny in the middle.Most women are not naturally shaped like this so much strain was put on the body when a corset was worn. Women did a lot of damage to their bodies like tearing skin, and even bruising internal organs. It has also been noted that one woman actually died because her corset was tied too tight. Men usually shaved their heads and then wore wigs, as wigs were much easier to manage than a real head of hair. Men were rarely seen without their wigs on if they owned one. Also many wore three point cocked hats. Three piece suits were definitely the most common attire for men. The pants were cut really high and didn’t go past the knees.Some even carried canes. 12 Interview with Jonathan Munby (Director), Liza Goddard (playing the character of Mrs Hardcastle) and Matthew Douglas (playing the character of Marlow) Q: What are the challenges that you face in directing this play? JM: One of the first things is making sure the play reaches ou t to a contemporary audience and feels fresh and alive. The play was written in 1771 with the first performance in 1773 and it’s important to make sure that we deliver a production of this play that honours where the play has come from, that acknowledges what the play is, and that reaches out to a contemporary audience.The language is a couple of hundred years old; it’s closer to that of the Restoration period than modern English. It’s a more heightened prose than contemporary writing, so there’s the challenge of getting our mouths and our minds round the text to release it for a modern audience. We also need to make sure that we understand the period and where the play has come from well enough to do it justice – the manners, the etiquette and the protocol of the time. We’re doing the production in period, so it’s about understanding the period well enough in order to release the play.Q: In your opinion, what is this play really abou t? JM: The thing that feels most potent to me and that I know that Goldsmith was interested in is the tension between town and country and class difference. Also the snobbery that is born out of that tension – the difference between country living and town living and also the aspiration of wanting to transcend a barrier and become something other. For example a country dweller who wants to be a townie, or the tension of a town dweller arriving in the country and feeling that they’re like a fish out of water.Or, someone wishing to transcend class and discovering the tension as a result of that desire is brought brilliantly to light by the play and feels very resonant now. We still live in a London-centric country where the provinces feel second best to the capital and I think that there is a snobbery that’s born out of that. I know that this play goes to the heart of that current feeling. The other thing, which comes absolutely from Goldsmith – he was an i ndividual who found it difficult to operate in public – is shyness and fear.The expectation that we put on young people to find matches, and the expectation that we put on a young man specifically in this instance to woo and court and find a perfect match (to woo his Kate) and what happens as a result of those expectations. There’s a high stake situation and that’s a fascinating thing in the play and something that we all have an emotional connection with. Q: What do you think is the central question at the heart of the play? JM: There isn’t one global question at the heart of the play, although what is clear are the individual needs and desires of the characters.For example, Mrs. Hardcastle wants refined pleasures; she wants to transcend the rambling mansion that she lives in and to refine it, and she wants her husband to be more refined. She wants the world she lives in to be more fashionable. Marlow wants to find a peace in his life, and to find a matc h and the pressure that he’s put under is one of the obstacles to his achieving this. They’re all after something – Mr. Hardcastle wants peace as well. He wants people to stop making demands on him. 13LG: The title of course is that it’s all about Kate having to dissemble to get the man that she wants. Q: So is it a question of compromise? JM: Or a question of â€Å"what do I need to do to achieve the thing I want? † The title of the play changed – it was originally called ‘The Mistakes of a Night’ (and we intend to use that as a subtitle because the play is a series of mistakes and misunderstandings) but it was changed a day before the first performance because Goldsmith felt that it was this girl’s [Kate’s] choice to do this thing in order to get what she wants (i. . the man) and also it helps him [Marlow]. To release him. LG: So had he [Goldsmith] taken that from A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Was that his or iginal thought do you suppose – star crossed lovers and people pretending to be other than they are? JM: When it was ‘Mistakes of a Night? ’ Yes, and it was very much part of the vogue of sentimental comedy; the middle classes getting terribly worked up about their dilemmas. The original title suggests that it was just that – this middle class pursuit and it was just these little mistakes that they would get over.He wanted to defeat that idea and align us with Kate and to understand that she feels it’s a choice, a choice she is conscious of making to tame her man. Kate is no accident or arbitrary choice in terms of character name. Goldsmith wants us to see the echo of Kate in The Taming of the Shrew, and possible to view this play as a counterpoint – the tamer being tamed. Q: What does Mrs. Hardcastle represent in the world of the play? LG: Mrs. Hardcastle represents the country, and in fact it’s exactly the same today.I don’t t hink there’s ever been such a void between town and country probably since the 18th Century. People who live in towns have no idea what it’s like to live in the country – I live in the country and it’s so much alike. There’s people in the village I live in who’ve never been to London – â€Å"I’ve been to Norwich, but I’ve never been to London, I don’t know how you manage it! † And so there’s this extraordinary thing about London to someone like Mrs. Hardcastle who longs to be in London.She longs to wear the latest fashions she has to get hold of the fashions from people writing to her and getting magazines so she’s always behind – she reads last year’s Vogue and tries to make her dresses and her hair look like that. She longs to go to London and have this fine life but she’s married to this man who lives in a rambling old house in the country and never sees anybody. And s he wants for her beloved son to marry her niece who has a good fortune (although her son eventually comes into a fortune himself), so she can then live vicariously through them.Q: What would you like a young audience to identify with in the character of Mrs. Hardcastle? LG: I think a young audience will identify with this interfering old busybody of a mother, wanting her son and daughter to do one thing, while they are fully set on doing something completely different, (which I have great experience of, having children! ). I think that mothers are still the same today as they ever were, wanting their children to make a good match, wanting them to live a particular sort of life when of course they want to live their own life, which is as it should be. 4 Q: What comparisons can you draw between Mrs. Hardcastle’s view of the younger characters in the play and society’s view of the younger generation today? LG: Well I don’t think much has changed quite frankly! All the older generation still think the young are up to no good, going off with the wrong people and living a life of high licentiousness. For example Tony Lumpkin is always in the pub, always out larking around with the lads, going too fast on his horse, (driving fast cars! ), getting drunk, not attending to his lessons. I don’t think there’s any difference at all.Q: Do you find it hard to make Marlow a likeable character? The way that he behaves towards Kate when he thinks that she’s a barmaid is quite different to his behaviour in other scenes. MD: Yes, he’s quite naughty in a cheeky way but I think you’ve got to start with perspective that you really do like your character, irrespective of who they are or how bad or evil they can be. I think as an actor I have to find a way of understanding why he behaves as he does. His behaviour with Kate in the bar is perhaps not how you and I would behave, but that’s how they did and could behave at tha t time. Men still do, and so do women!I think by that point in the play we are sympathetic enough to not be alienated by that behaviour. It’s very clear by that point what drives him and what his problems are. I think that moment of release that he’s going to feel by seducing that barmaid will be key to how audiences feel. Also what’s important about that scene (and what’s my responsibility I suppose) is that he sees Kate at that point and falls in love with her, he physically falls in love with her. JM: It’s not so much an act of lust as an act of love. LG: He also behaves very morally; he doesn’t seduce the barmaid in the way that we would think.Because he’s usually so shy he feels free to enjoy female company which he can’t normally. MD: He’s not predatory I don’t think, he’s seductive. LG: He’s relaxed and able to talk; I don’t think he behaves badly. Q: If they were alive today, what do y ou think the characters of the play would find most difficult to cope with in modern day society? LG: Well Mrs. Hardcastle would love it! She’d just get fashion straight off the plate! JM: All the characters are so different. They want such different things and they ask such different things. I think they would each find a different part of society difficult.I think society is as false and hypocritical as it was in the 18th Century, and the characters would find it as problematic as it was in the 1800’s. Mr. Hardcastle would be as grumpy as he was then, he’d be exactly the same now. LG: He’d be shouting at the television now! Nowadays the upper classes have become much like the upper middle classes of the play, they’ve become completely cut off from society, and in fact some people who live in Islington and so forth and most of the people who run the country have no idea what real life is like at all so I don’t think there’s any chang e. 15FOLLOW UP IDEAS Working with the Story ‘I think that†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Use the following as starting points for discussion and debate †¢ †¢ She Stoops to Conquer is also known as The Mistakes of a Night. Which is the better title and why? The casket of jewels belonging to Constance Neville were kept by her aunt Mrs. Hardcastle. Should Constance have just taken them when she wanted them? Why didn’t she? Mr. Hardcastle is strict about the way in which Kate dresses. Why is he so? What do you think about his opinion? Marlow is unable to converse with women of equal social standing, yet he has no problem with women of a lower class.What does this suggest about him and his view/respect of women? Does Kate lower her standards in order to get her man? What do you think? Mrs Hardcastle is adamant that Constance and Tony will marry according to her arrangements. What do you think of arranged marriages? What are the pros and cons? Is Kate and Marlow’s marriage a rranged? Mrs Hardcastle has no control over her son Tony. Why is this? Hastings and Constance collude in deceiving Marlow. Why do they do this? †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ †¢ 16 FOLLOW UP IDEAS Working with the Story ‘Media Exposure’ Choose one of the events in the story to focus on and then choose a media format to work with.Create something that could be released to the media for public viewing in 2007. Use the suggestions below, or pick your own starting point. TV – The Hotel Inspector Write the script and storyboard a TV show based on The Hotel Inspector in which the characters Marlow and Hastings give their opinion on Mr. Hardcastle’s home which they believe to be an inn. TV – Blind Date Write the script and if possible film a version of Blind Date in which Hastings and Marlow pose questions to potential lovers. What questions do they ask? Include Kate and Constance in the line up of potential lovers – How do Constance a nd Kate get their men?What do they say? Swap over the roles and create a version where Kate ; Constance get to choose – How do Hastings ; Marlow ensure they are picked? TV – Panorama Write and storyboard a documentary about one of the events of the story – from what perspective will you write it? What aspect of the story will you concentrate on? Where will you set it? Which character will you focus on? It may help you to choose a question to base your programme around – What lengths would you go to to get your man? Are women cleverer than men? Does money buy you happiness? What are upper class men really like? Magazine – OK!Create a magazine article in the style of OK! Magazine which follows the wedding of Kate Hardcastle ; Marlow. Write interviews with the bride and groom and their parents. What questions would you ask them? What would their responses be? What photographs would you include? Where would they be taken? Think about the slant you migh t like to put on the article – what would the headline be? Newspaper – The Daily Mail Write an article about Mrs. Hardcastle, her marriage and her life in the country. What would she say about these things? Would the newspaper put a slant on her comments? What would the headline be?Choose a focus for the article to help you. ‘Town versus Country’ what do the wives of two respected society gentlemen think? Would Mrs. Hardcastle speak of her former husband? 17 Magazine – Heat – ‘Man of the Month’ Write an article about Tony Lumpkin which focuses on trying to get him a wife. How would you describe him as a potential suitor? What sort of woman might suit him best? What aspects of his life would you include and are there any you might think it best to leave out?! Radio – Desert Island Discs Write a radio programme which has one of the characters from the play as a special guest.What questions would the interviewer ask them and what would they talk about? What songs (from modern day) would the character choose to take with them to a deserted island and why? Radio – Jeremy Vine Write a slot for Jeremy Vine’s radio show on BBC Radio 2, which focuses on parent and child relationships. Mrs. Hardcastle could be a caller, who calls in to the show to discuss her difficulties with her son Tony. What advice might she be given? What other guests might be in the show to advise her – child psychologist? Counsellor? Doctor? Police Officer? Should Tony receive an ASBO for his behaviour at the local inn?!Radio – Quick Quiz Write a quiz for radio about the events and characters of She Stoops to Conquer. Record a slot for radio in which the quiz features and get your peers to compete to win. Think about varying the type of quiz questions, you might like to include – Who said this..? Questions about quotes, Which character did this†¦? Questions about events, What are the two names by which the play is known†¦? Questions about the play. 18 FOLLOW UP IDEAS Working with the Text ‘In my own words†¦Ã¢â‚¬â„¢ Look at the following scripts extracts, discuss the meaning and put the words into modern day language.Act I Scene I Hardcastle: (Talking about Mrs. H ; Tony) Ay, there goes a pair that only spoil each other. But is not the whole age in a combination to drive sense and discretion out of doors? There’s my pretty darling Kate! The fashions of the times have almost infected her too. By living a year or two in town, she’s as fond of gauze and French frippery as the best of them. Act I – Scene I Miss. Hardcastle: (Talking after her father has told her about Mr. Marlow) Lud, this news of papa’s puts me all in a flutter. Young, handsome; these he put last; but I put them foremost. Sensible, good-natured; I like all that.But then reserved, and sheepish, that’s much against him. Yet can’t he be cured of his timidit y, by being taught to be proud of his wife? Yes, and can’t I – but I vow I’m disposing of the husband before I have secured the lover. Act I – Scene II Miss. Hardcastle: (After her first meeting with Marlow) Ha! Ha! Ha! Was there ever such a sober sentimental interview? I’m certain he scarce looked in my face the whole time. Yet the fellow, but for his unaccountable bashfulness, is pretty well, too. He has good sense, but then so buried in his fears, that it fatigues one more than ignorance.If I could teach him a little confidence, it would be doing somebody that I know of a piece of service. But who is that somebody? – that, faith, is a question I can scarce answer. Act I – Scene II Mrs. Hardcastle: (Talking about her husband to Mr. Hastings) Yet, what signifies my dressing when I have such a piece of antiquity y my side as Mr Hardcastle: all I can say will never argue down a single button from his clothes. I 19 have often wanted him to throw off his great flaxen wig, and where he was bald to plaster it over like my Lord Pately, with powder.Hastings: You are right, madam; for, as among the ladies there are none ugly, so among the men there are none old. Mrs. Hardcastle: But what do you think his answer was? Why, with his usual Gothic vivacity, he said I only wanted him to throw off his wig to convert it into a tete for my own wearing! Act III – Scene I Mrs. Hardcastle: (Talking to Constance Neville) Indeed, Constance, you amaze me. Such a girl as you want jewels? It will be time enough for jewels, my dear, twenty years hence, when your beauty begins to want repairs. Miss Neville: But what will repair beauty at forty, will certainly improve it at twenty, madam.Act III – Scene I Maid: (Speaking to Miss Hardcastle about Miss Hardcastle’s plan to disguise herself) But what do you hope from keeping him in his mistake? Miss Hardcastle: In the first place, I shall be seen, and that is no small adv antage to a girl who brings her face to market. Then I shall perhaps make an acquaintance, and that’s no small victory gained over one who never addresses any but the idlest of her sex. But my chief aim is to take my gentleman off his guard, and like an invisible champion of romance, examine the qiant’s force before I offer to combat.There are many more sections of the text that would be interesting to use for translation into modern day language, choose the ones you think would work well. 20 FOLLOW UP IDEAS Working with the Text ‘Soap Opera’ Using the original text or a modern re-written version of your own, to create a soap opera for either radio or television. Things to consider†¦. †¢ How long will each episode be? †¢ What budget do you have for each episode, the actors, the camera †¢ What part of the country do you want the story be set in? Why? Which famous actors could you use to play the various different †¢ Would you want t he actors to use a particular accent? Why that one? †¢ What filming style would you use? Consider the various styles used by soap operas – Hollyoaks uses a very different style to Coronation Street. Things to do†¦. †¢ †¢ Create a storyboard for each episode – are there any difficulties you need to overcome in order to film/record the scenes? Write a list of all the sound effects you will need for each scene for the radio version. How will you make the sounds? characters? crew/radio studio technicians, costumes etc? 1 FOLLOW UP IDEAS Working away from the Text ; the Story ‘Before, During ; After ’ Using the text and the events of the story as stimulus, consider what else could have been written or included in the play, or write a sequel. Use the suggestions below or pick your own. Letters †¢ Write a love letter from Hastings to Constance before his arrival at the Hardcastle house. †¢ †¢ Write a letter from Hardcastle to Ma rlow, inviting his son to meet his daughter Kate. Write a letter from Mrs Hardcastle to Constance explaining the disappearance of the family jewels.Diary Entries †¢ Write a diary extract for Kate on the day that she and Marlow become betrothed. †¢ †¢ Write a diary extract for Tony Lumpkin on the day he discovers he is ‘of age’. Write a diary extract for Mr Hardcastle on the day he sees his daughter marry Marlow. Play Scripts †¢ Write a script for a scene between Mr. And Mrs. Hardcastle before the weddings of Constance ; Kate. Mr. ; Mrs. Hardcastle are shopping for clothes in London! †¢ Write a script for a scene in the local inn where Tony Lumpkin tells the story of all that has happened and tells all his friends of his future plans now that he is ‘of age’!Write a scene for the servants in which they give their opinion of what is going on in the house when Marlow and Hastings arrive. †¢ 22 USEFUL WEBSITES http://www. noelcollec tion. org Photo of Oliver Goldsmith http://en. wikipedia. org Encyclopaedia entry for She Stoops to Conquer http://www. enotes. com/she-stoops/ Notes on the play, characters, themes etc http://www. nwe. ufl. edu/~pcradd

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Uganda essays

Uganda essays The people of Uganda have had many types of governments during their long history, but until the coming of British Colonialism, there was no central government. Originally government was in the hands of the tribal groups who elected their own leaders and made their own laws, which all members of their group were expected to follow. Later some central authority was given to the kings of the various tribes, including the largest of these, the Buganda, whose ruler, the Kabaka, was considered the king and had ultimate authority over his people and their land ( Cavendish, 31). Mutesa II, whose full name was Sir Edward William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula Mutesa, was the Kababa of the East African State of Buganda, which is now part of Uganda from 1939 to 1953, and again from 1955 to 1966 (Thompson, 134). During the 1940s although he was nominally king, Mutesa was essentially controlled by the British resident and his Katikiro, or prime minister, and was personally unpopular. In 1953, when elimination of the privileged position of king of Buganda within the protectorate of Uganda seemed imminent, Mutesa II took an unyielding stand in meetings with the governor of Uganda so as not to completely alienate many of his increasingly suspicious and anti-British subjects. His key demands were for separation of Buganda from the rest of Uganda and the promise of independence. When he refused to communicate the British governments formal recommendation to his lukiiko, or parliament, he was arrested and deported (Cavendish, 32). Buganda leaders engineered Mutesa IIs return in 1955, as a constitutional monarch who still had a great deal of influence in the Buganda government. When Uganda became independent, Prime Minister Obote hoped to placate Buganda by encouraging Mutesas election as president in 1963, but a conflict over the continued integrity of the Buganda kingdom with Uganda followed. When Mutesa II t...

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Systems Analysis and Design Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Systems Analysis and Design - Case Study Example Additionally, without any multilingual facets, it did not meet the peoples’ needs who speak diverse languages. Contemplative media vision was thus, in need of a new website to serve as a better communication means for its customers. To attain this goal, the project team began by carrying out a literature review and went on by following the four phases of the system development cycle, that is, planning, analysis, design and implementation. The final website was at last successfully developed to meet the project objectives. The aim of contemplative media vision is to employ media to empower, heal and bond people to their best part. This new inspiring media has the capability to help people find their true purpose, reinforce their ability to bond compassionately with others, as well as motivate them to find greater achievement in every area of their lives (Satzinger, Jackson, &Burd, 2012). The application also specializes in creating music for healing settings that deepens someone’s connection to what is most useful. It is enhanced by the influence of a musical recording. Products of contemplative media feature the sympathetic verbal messages of the worlds humanitarian and spiritual leaders. They also have those of common people facing unusual circumstances. Client from diverse departments can obtain the same use cases, for instance, may have the same client goal for employing the system. Owing to conventional Buddhist texts, along with veteran meditation instructors, contemplative practices are allied to a broad range of occurrences, some constructive and wonderful, others fairly tricky and testing (Satzinger, Jackson, &Burd, 2012). Since these incidents fall externally to the framework of western medicine along with science, there has been very little attempt to study experientially and document the complete collection of contemplative experiences. Consequently, lots of Western

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Creative paper Consider yourself to be a political candidate for Assignment

Creative paper Consider yourself to be a political candidate for national office - Assignment Example He has lost sight of what is best for the people and instead, allows his own political ambitions, and party affiliations to dictate the moves that he shall make. We were once known as the Last Remaining Super Power in the world. We were the international police. Our presence in turmoil filled countries brought peace and stability. Our political, social, and economic system was once the envy of other nations. We were the allies of those oppressed and the enemies of those who wished to dominate the world. We have lost that standing now. These days, thanks to the cowardly leadership in Washington, North Korea thinks they can aim bombs at our allies, build nuclear weapons, and threaten the peace in South Korea. China has been flexing its muscles in the international community and bullies countries that dare to question their occupation of the Spratly Islands. Rogue nations now think that because America has lost its way, there is no need to fear the countrys position as an international leader anymore. After all, our president has decided that we are spending too much on military improvements and wars abroad. Totally missing the point that witho ut our well equipped military forces, and fighting wars abroad, we would be fighting the terrorist battle right here on our very soil. Causing more sociopolitical and economic problems for the citizens of this country. It isnt surprising that he cant handle diplomatic relations with other nations. That is why he hired Hillary Clinton to be his Secretary of State. Barack Obama doesnt have any international relation skills at all. He was just a newbie senator when he decided to run for president. On his first international trip to Germany as president the first thing he did was apologize for the actions of America during the war. And he has done that every country that he has visited since. He has turned America in a â€Å"lame duck† country. Further proving that he was in no way, shape, or form ready for the